How often should my carpets be cleaned?

•  One to three years, depending on usage. We tailor a cleaning regimen to your specific carpet type and particular soil level.


Why should I use your services instead of cleaning my carpets myself?

•  Home carpet cleaning methods remove a very low percentage of the soil in a carpet. Repeated cleanings using to much detergent can cause a build up of detergent in a carpet causing resoiling. Detergents need to be rinsed properly for a carpet to avoid a build up.


What happens if I am unsatisfied with the cleaning?

• We will return to clean your carpet again. We aim to please our customers.


May we stay and watch the cleaning?

• We encourage customers to stay and watch and ask questions. We gladly help them with tips and pointers to help them maintain their carpets.


How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

• Drying time is 6-24 hours depending on carpet type, soiling levels and indoor drying conditions. We inform the customer as to what they can do to speed the drying, like turning the heat up, use of fans, etc. Carpets can be walked on, with care, during the drying period.


How are the charges figured? Do you supply estimates?

• Our charges are based on the total area cleaned and are very reasonable. We give phone quotes freely.


Will my carpets get dirtier quicker after cleaning for the first time?

• Carpets will not resoil faster. Our process includes preconditioning the carpet with speciale biodegradeable detergents in order to loosen ground in soils. The carpet is then rinsed via a truck mounted hot water extraction machine, flushing the soil and detergent out of the carpet.



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